Four Reasons to Visit the U.K. On Your First Trip

In last week’s post, I suggested tips that might prove useful to those contemplating their first trip overseas. Within that post, I mentioned that the U.K. is an ideal destination for first-time travellers. This week I want to expand on that and list exactly why I love visiting the U.K.

Reason #1: They speak English! Going overseas for the first time can be a big bundle of stress. If you are anything like I am, you will have every minute detail planned out to ensure that nothing can go wrong. The one thing you can’t plan, however, is what it’s actually like to be in a foreign country. Confused? I’ll explain.

Before I travelled to Europe, I was very concerned about the most basic thing in travel; communication. How was I going to order food, find the bathroom, ask for directions? No matter what you read or how reassuring everyone is, there are some things that you have to experience for yourself before you grasp the situation. When you are planning your first trip overseas, try to take this unnecessary stress out of the equation. You are going to have so many other things to deal with, both emotionally and physically, that it’s best to simplify the situation, for your own good.

Reason #2: Their culture is similar to Australia’s. Being as Australia was settled by the British, our cultures are very much intertwined. Things such as eating a hot meal at Christmas (even though we’re melting in our summer heat) and drinking tea originated from our Motherland, Britain. A great deal of our cockney language has been passed down, and altered, from the Brits. Therefore, it is a good deal easier to adjust to the culture of the U.K. whilst on holidays than if you were to visit Africa.

Now, I am not saying that our cultures are the same. I find that British culture is a lot more refined than ours here. Along with those gorgeous posh accents, the people are more courteous, in Scotland especially. Added to this is the vast amount of history and heritage that the nations contain. No matter what era of history you enjoy, there is a village, museum, exhibition or experience that caters for this. London has amazing musicals and play and some of the best shopping. Glasgow is a city that is humming with culture. Edinburgh is a history-lovers dream come true. Love walking, horse riding, mountain biking? They’ve got trails, tours and farm stays to satisfy your every whim. The U.K. is swimming with endless possibilities.

Reason #3: The weather. I think I may have just confused everyone reading with this one but yes, the weather is a major attraction for me. Now, let’s forget about the stereotypical rain that does plague the continent. I was born and raised in Queensland,  the sunshine state. As such I’m used to heaps of sun and a bucketful of humidity. The sky is rarely grey where I live.

When I visit the U.K. I find the weather to be pleasantly mild. If you have ever spent the day sightseeing in Brisbane in January or February, you know that it heats up before 9 a.m. and there is no respite. Even in the middle of summer, Britain has a milder climate that allows you to sight see without wanting to strip your skin off. If you love interesting contrasts in your pictures, too, the more miserable days make some beautiful photos as a result of the darkened skies.

Reason #4: The Scenery! I know that many Brits head overseas to visit stunning beachfront and architecture, but I believe that Britain holds some of the most beautiful sights in the world. I have been raised watching classic British dramas, comedies and documentaries. It seemed only natural that the U.K. would be my first overseas trip. On my first visit, I saw historic castles, lush gardens, beautiful monuments and breathtaking scenery (and I only had a glimpse of what Britain had to offer). The best part is that there are four different nations you can visit and each one has their own unique attraction and culture.


So those are my top  four reasons to visit the U.K. for your first overseas holiday. I could list boundless more reasons but they are of a more personal pull. The U.K. has multiple rich cultures to immerse yourself in and I found that I learnt more about Australia’s culture throughout my journey. I hope this short post is helpful in some way.

Happy travels!

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