The Best Way To Book- Travel Agents VS Online

With the advancement of technology and a major push for getting the best deal available, it’s no surprise that people have begun orchestrating their own holidays. However, there are still some who wonder which option would be better for them as a whole; a travel agent or online? I am a very big advocate of using the travel agent and in this post I will list why.

Using a travel agent is way more convenient. Imagine how many hours and how many different websites you will use in order to find the best deals for each different aspect of your holiday. How many different companies you give your credit card details to. It becomes repetitive and exhausting. The best thing about using a travel agent is that they do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is give them the basic information and they give you some feasible options. Too easy.

They use trusted companies. With so many different options for holidays, I personally find it difficult to know which companies to trust. Which airline in value for money? Which hotel will have the best amenities? That’s why I use a travel agency, because they have already found the best options and have tried them. Now, I know that this is not infallible. There will be those who have horror stories about the hotel a travel agent recommended them, however it’s as simple as contacting your travel agent and they will fix the issue (to the best of their ability, naturally). It’s not on you as it would be if you’d booked online.

Most travel agencies have a guarantee on quality. Because the travel industry is such a competitive industry, you will most often find that each travel agency has some kind of product guarantee. They are pretty much asking you to test them because any fault you find will only help them improve. To date, I have never found fault with any travel agencies I have used. That’s why I go back.

They have the knowledge. Whatever grievance you may have against travel agencies, you can’t dispute the fact that they are paid to have a complete knowledge of the travel industry. They, therefore, do have the best deals. You may want to dispute this by pointing to a website that has cheaper options, however, have you read the fine print? Because your travel agency will have done and has made a similar deal to counter the void. Also, as I mentioned before, when booking online, you don’t have anyone to run to should there be any issues.

They think of everything! I’m not even joking. There have been many times where the travel agent has suggested adding something to my holiday that I hadn’t even thought about. Insurance is a big thing I forget but it’s something I would never travel without. I’m one of those overzealous planners so the fact that my travel agent can still be able to surprise me with her suggestions is kinda amazing.

So, those are my personal reasons for using a travel agent over the internet. In all honesty, it comes down to what will give me peace of mind and what is easiest. Like most people, I barely glance over the fine print so using a travel agency makes sense. They read the fine print and summarize it in layman’s terms. I hope this post is helpful.

Happy travels!


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