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It has been such a long time since I have sat down to write to you guys that I’m at a loss. This is just a short note to explain why I have been so absent this year.

At this moment, I’m typing on my brand new laptop! This is very exciting for me personally as I had previously been using a borrowed laptop to write my posts. This new one, however, has a working keyboard (very helpful given the amount of typing I do, don’t you think?), something my own old laptop lacked. So, news point number one- a new laptop.

Number two is a new obsession that I have discovered just this year- crochet! Yes, yes, I know crochet is as old as time but it is completely new to me. As such, I have spent all my spare minutes crocheting up a storm. Since I have now become quite competent, I have had requests from friends and family for their own wool creations. This has therefore encroached more fully on my time and has led me to my next topic.

My current work situation is becoming more and more straining and I have started thinking of new ways to make a living (I don’t earn any money from my blog). I have been searching for a new job in the two fields that I have skills in but, as most Australians realise, there are few jobs available (and those that are available want a junior with 10 years experience!). The exhausting process that is job hunting has dampened my spirits in an extreme manner that- I am not afraid to say- has led to numerous bouts of depression. Never fear, however, as I have overcome this and am attempting to be more positive.

Number four- As I have been job hunting, I haven’t had the chance to go on any holidays. This is essential if I am to write about my travels. Don’t worry. I have not lost my travel bug but finances and my work situation have hindered my escape. Once I make another glorious trip to another culture, you will be the first to know.

My final reason can’t be fully explained but I will give as many details as I am able. From the beginning of the year, I have been going through a number of health scares. Like I said, I won’t be going into details but these issues have been quite damaging, both physically and mentally. As of this moment, I have no clue as to what the diagnosis will be (I’m waiting for my doctor to return from a break, sadly) but I would appreciate your prayers on this matter.

I know this is a short post and not nearly as exciting as all my others but I wanted to give you guys a bit of an update. I truly do apologise to those who look forward to my weekly posts and I must ask you to bear with me. I don’t know what the future holds for me but travel and more writing is definitely on the cards.

Happy travels!


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